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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

Code of Professional Ethics of a Doctor of the Russian Federation

Khokhlov A.L., Chudova N.V., Tsyzman L.G.
The results of the analysis of the expert work of the Council on Ethics of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Izmozherova N.V.
The Ural's State Medical University Local Ethics Committee Experience

Guskova T.A.
Quality preclinical toxicological study of drugs as a safety guarantee of their clinical trials

Romodanovsky D.P., Miroshnikova A.E.
Sex differences of pharmacokinetics of medicinal drugs in bioequivalence studies and its impact on the risk of consumers

Schitov L.N., Kabanova I.A., Kustova E.V., Khohlov A.L., Kabanov D.O., Schitova A.M., Dzhurko Y.A., Shabrov V.N., Proshi
Pharmacokinetics of amoxicillin with administration of enterosorbent containing activated carbon and aluminum oxide

Yaichkov I.I., Romodanovsky D.P., Shitov L.N.
Possible reasons for obtaining non-equivalent comparative pharmacokinetic studies

Kurapov M.A., Dolgikh G.T., Dolgikh T.A., Gaiduk A.Ya., Vlasov Ya.V.
The organization of specialized medical care for patients with multiple sclerosis in the Samara region

Sedova N.N.
The status of bioethics as an academic discipline in medical universities in Russia

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