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Medical Ethics

is the printed editionмедицинская этика of The Council of Ethics Russian Ministry of Health. The journal is being published since 2013 and supported by National Medical Chamber, Russian Respiratory Society, Yaroslavl State Medical University and Assiciation of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

The publication highlights current issues of ethical expertise, drugs development, preclinical and clinical trials, including observational studies, the problems of subjects rights protection and safety of drug therapy.

The Editorial Board and Editorial Council include well-known scientists, healthcare managers and foreign specialists.

Head of Editorial Council is academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Chuchalin A.G.

Editor-in-Chief is corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Khokhlov A.L.

The "Medical Ethics" journal is aimed at scientists, doctors, and pharmacists, involved in drug research, as well as a wide range of health workers relevant to bioethics.

The editorial Board welcomes active cooperation.

Manuscripts submitted to the editorial stuff have to meet The requirements for Manuscripts.

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